Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Place des Arcades

It looks like something out of toy town, doesn't it?
We're in the Place des Arcades, the centre of the village and its around 3pm on a cool, dull afternoon. I've used photos of the square before but it's usually packed with people. In fact, I think it's turning into a sort of Piccadilly Circus in that if you sit here long enough, everyone you ever knew will turn up.
There are two hotels and several restaurants and cafes along the sides as you'd imagine and as the square is closed to traffic from mid afternoon, families with small children can eat out without worrying about cars passing.


tut-tut said...

lovely paving, too.

Hilda said...

Pretty! And I like the idea of seeing everyone you know in one place.

babooshka said...

I have died and gone to Valbonne. Who would not want to be here. This little place is a real discovery for me and I can only thank you for alerting me to it's never ending charms.