Thursday, 4 December 2008

The Olive Mill: The Oil

I use olive oil a lot but a lot. For me it's a happy marriage between something I like to eat that is actually beneficial to my health which isn't always the case, believe me.
Here it is, a thin stream of liquid gold flowing into a blue plastic bucket; I would have liked something a little more reverential but in this part of the world this is just an everyday product. One of the ladies who comes to my English class told me that she'd spent the last few weeks picking more than a thousand kilos of olives from her 75 trees....imagine!


Kate said...

This is a fascinating photo. The whole mechanism looks very modern, but I wonder what the older olive "mills" must have looked like. I, too, love and adore olive oil!! I want to thank you for your loyalty in visiting my blog, even when I'm not posting regularly. You're a jewel!!

Jilly said...

This is a fascinating series. I can't believe how smart and modern it is. Such a lovely blue.

babooshka said...

Fascinating is the word, and envious is the other. What a wonderful product. That blue remnds me of the shutters of Provence you see in the rural areas. Big Sigh!