Thursday, 15 January 2009

Vallis Bona

Here you can see a map of the old village of Valbonne in its grid pattern as it has existed for centuries. Any real expansion on this site was always going to be difficult as the village is bordered by main roads and a small river so the newer development happened on the other side of the main road and is called Vallis Bona, the good or fertile valley, the original name of the village.
I can't find a date for the construction though it happened during my time here as I can remember the passionate debates against it at the time.
It's hard now to remember what all the fuss was about. The building, one large block housing apartments over a pharmacy, a vegetable shop, bakery etc, is in sympathy with its surroundings and pleasant enough to look at. The development also included a desperately needed car park.
This is the Italian delicatessen sporting beautifully wrapped panettone with the fruit and veg. shop behind..


tut-tut said...

Change is always hard, and should be thought through very thoroughly.

Well, enough words beginning with 'T'!

Great display; look at the lovely melons in the background!

George said...

I'm glad to hear that the new development blends with its environment.

Jilly said...

It surprises me to see the village laid out in a grid pattern. I never realised that. When I think of the hill villages around here, of course they are a total hodge podge of little alleyways. Valbonne is so very different.

Ooh, look at that Pannetone.

Catherine said...

Very well-organized village !
I love to watch how panettone are well-wrapped, would like to buy some just for their presentation.

Babooshka said...

So long as the change is in keeping them that's fine.

Hilda said...

Valbonne looks so neat! No excuse to get lost there. Panettone! Mmmmm… yum! It's such a treat when we get some, usually as gifts during Christmas. I have yet to discover where they're sold here.