Thursday, 8 January 2009


We take our recycling very seriously round here though as yet no one's thought to install a Barbie recycling bin..

The local councils will take away large stuff: furniture, appliances and electronic gear on certain days of the month. The custom is to leave things on display in advance if they're still usable so someone else can profit from them. The Barbies were naked but in perfect condition..


Bibi said...

Hello, Angela, and thank you for your comment on my photo today. You asked if there were agencies, and yes, there are, but so overloaded and with little money.

I LOVE this photo! I bet the Barbies were snatched up. If they had been in Belgrade, I know someone who would have recycled them. Go to my blog and search "Barbie" and see what comes up!

Catherine said...

Naked Barbies by this cold! Brrrr!
Very funny.

Hilda said...

They'd be snatched up in a second over here!

Great catch! Gave me a smile today.

George said...

We don't have curbside recycling in our community, so we have to take things to the recycling center. Usable items are usually left out of the bins and get picked up fairly quickly. I've never seen Barbies, however.

Walker said... all seems so improbably proper. Terrific picture.

Kay said...

How wonderful! Recycling, Reusing and Reducing our garbage is a religion with us. My husband worked for EPA so we're quite serious about trying to keep our environment clean. Hawai doesn't have a good recycling program which is very frustrating. I love the idea of people giving away their things first to see if somebody else could use them before recycling or throwing it away.

Jilly said...

I love this tradition, Angela. I often leave stuff and equally sometimes pick it up! Perfectly illustrates it.

Your glass container is far smarter than ours!

Lynette said...

Free things are left out here in Portland, too. Mama and I have found several useful items in our building's lobby!