Tuesday, 11 November 2008


Well, the computer's fixed...sort of. I'm hoping it'll limp on till I can get myself a Mac. (Are you listening, Santa?) I haven't got enough photos to restart Nice but if the weather stays dry I'll be over there on Thursday but 'till then here's Valbonne.

In the interim things have been pretty busy round here, had a bunch of birthdays to help celebrate which is something I'm pretty good at. For this particular one we headed into Valbonne for lunch and it was easily warm enough to sit outside and enjoy the food and the bustle of the Friday market going on behind us. We even did a brief tour of the market before lunch but remembering my Get-a-Mac project made sure my hands were kept firmly in my pockets!
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Hilda said...

Welcome back, Angela!!! I hope Santa hears your wish! I'd love to get a new Mac too (mine's so old and slooow), but the new roof has to come first. :)

Love the vines on the wall, and the room above the arch! Must have a fun view of the diners below.

tut-tut said...

Hey, we just bit the bullet and got a new MacBook Pro, but D has coopted it!

Love your photo. Glad you're back!

babooshka said...

Hooray. This is more like it. Oh look what we've missed. Never had a mac, wasry od them.

Jilly said...

Oh great, you are back. Get a Mac. Oh yes do. I'm totally in love with mine. Love this photograph. Just charming.