Tuesday, 9 September 2008

La Tete et Les Jambes

Another look at the Forum des Associations and some of the activities. What amazes me is the number and diversity of the courses available to satisfy mind and body and most of them are very affordable. I give English conversation lessons for free, for example, though there's a small subscription fee for joining the Sports and Cultural association and you could study Italian for practically nothing too.
Me? I'm tempted by the Qi Gong class. I'd like to do Tai Chi but the hours don't suit. I'm no good at art but yoga is a possibility and I'd like to take up Bridge again...
What will you be taking up this year?


Bergson said...

tiens c'est la rentrée pour les assiciations

Hilda said...

Oh wow again! So many things to do and for free or a small fee? I've never thought of emigrating before, but you are making me re-think that decision!